Our wastewater services are split into two categories, Odour & General Wastewater

  • Odour Control Consultancy

  • Septicity Prevention Consultancy

  • Control/prevention of hydrogen sulphide in air

  • Control/prevention of hydrogen sulphide in water

  • Assessment of scale of odour problems

  • Odour surveys of hydrogen sulphide gas over time

  • Data collection and monitoring of odour

  • Monitoring of prevention treatment data e.g. chemical or oxygen dosing

  • Dosing control strategies for chemical addition

  • Works inlet odour, Primary Tank odour, Sludge odour

  • Asset condition assessment at wastewater sites

  • General Wastewater
  • Wastewater plant optimisation & troubleshooting

  • Activated sludge plant optimisation & troubleshooting

  • Bionutrient surveys to ensure balanced plant operation.

  • Problems with clarifiers, settling tanks, basins etc.

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