Odour Issues

Do you recognize these problems?

  • Complaints from the public about smells from sewers and drains?

  • Have you got an EHO or MP pushing you about the odour from your network, or maybe the wastewater treatment works?

  • Do your staff complain as they tell you about the high H2S levels they face from day to day?

  • These are just three examples of the many issues associated with wastewater odour. Ask Equability for proven support. Contact Us

  • H2S is a toxic gas and is a known killer
  • H2S is the key note component of many odours
  • H2S disables sense of smell, making it difficult to recognise unsafe conditions
  • H2S comes from septic water, sludge, industrial processes, and natural sources.
  • H2S makes the immediate area, whether inside or out in the open, unsafe.
  • H2S is heavier than air and will accumulate in low-lying or confined spaces

  • Ask about an odour survey to assess whether there is a problem. We can gather accurate data and report back to you in days or weeks.
    A longer survey will typically be more representative than a short one.

    Help is on hand

    Equability have extensive knowledge of the prevention and treatment of H2S problems, Contact Us, there are solutions to overcome H2S problems. Equability can help solve your problems!