About Equability

Bob Hassall

Bob has worked in the oil, chemical, water and inspection industries for over 30 years. A former employee of some major companies, Bob has extensive experience to offer and Equability Limited is proof of ability.
Bob has worked mainly in the UK and Ireland, but has also worked in the USA, Japan and Europe.

Key Strengths

  • Analytical mind, Problem-solving skills, Tenacity

  • Common Sense approach and a Pragmatic style

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in waste water

    1. Odour, septicity, hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans

    2. Treatment plant trouble-shooting and use of bio-nutrients for enhanced operability of activated sludge plants.

    3. Chemical addition systems and control philosophies
    4. Odour surveys

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of management systems

    1. Quality, Environment & Safety, and fully integrated systems
    2. Lead Assessor ISO 9001
    3. FIAS Assessor
    4. FIAS Consultant